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July 03 2012


Upstreaming systemd units

More and more distributions ship unit definition files as a part of systemd integration. Sadly, upstreaming effort is very low profile and downstream units begin to diverge. I’ve spent some time during last month to push unit definitions upstream into the software I use.


June 20 2012


AF_DBUS is coming

Looks like Collabora's efforts to bring D-Bus into the kernel are getting close to release. It's not a revolution, but it is really nice to...

May 23 2012


Linux automatic user ACL management

You may have not noticed, because it just works in Linux. Every time user logs in, Access Control Lists on a few important devices nodes are set for him. And every time his session becomes inactive, ACL are revoked. It looks like this:

# getfacl...

November 16 2008

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